Vencobb – 100 Broiler
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Vencobb – 100 Broiler

The Vencobb Broiler is an overall performer. With a superior growth rate, it reaches marketable body weight quickly, saving on feed costs. This combined with balanced economic traits like uniformity, low feed conversions, high meat yield, and exceptional livability provides commercial farmers with high profitability ratios.

The Vencobb Broiler represents value for money, not only for farmers, but also for food institutions and homemakers alike. Consumer satisfaction, due to high eating qualities, palatability, and added nutritional benefits has made Vencobb a big favorite with the Indian masses.

Vencobb Chicken is exclusively used for the processed and further processed chicken products, which are produced and marketed by the Foods Division of Venky’s (India) Limited. It is also the chicken of choice for food institutions like KFC, Pizza Hut, McDonalds, and Dominos.

Exclusive Vencobb Chicken can also be purchased at BroMark outlets in select cities. BroMark is an initiative to introduce better hygiene standards and fetch fair prices for consumers and farmers. The concept has show tremendous success and BroMark is slowly expanding its network.