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Vencobb Broiler & Broiler Breeder

The Farmer’s Choice

Poultry farms meat has gained immense popularity in the past two decades. Its consumption has surpassed all other types of meat. The rapid growth in consumption can be attributed to several reasons, which include social and economic factors.

Poultry meat is cheap, compared to other types of meat. Social and cultural practices amongst the many ethnic and religious communities find poultry meat most acceptable. Consumers are also attracted to its ready availability, nutritional benefits – high in protein and low in fat – and culinary versatility, with recipes suited for every palate.

Freshly dressed chicken is still the predominant mode of purchase in the Indian sub-continent. Nevertheless, urban markets have responded remarkably to processed and further processed chicken meat. Value added products have stormed these markets, and food institutions are vying for increased consumer base, by introducing innovative products in rapid succession.

As more and more people are taking to poultry meat, both in urban and rural areas, the increase in consumption has infused growth in the broiler industry. The broiler Poultry Breeders play a key role in the industry, affecting profitability at every stage. Farmers increasingly want birds that they can rely upon, which can perform to exacting standards in breeding farms, hatcheries as well as commercial farms, notwithstanding the geographical and climatic diversity of this region.