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Dr. BV Rao Institute of Poultry Management & Technology

The art of poultry farming could evolve into a science because man decided to practice it, study the niceties, gain in-depth knowledge of the techniques and document them for future generations. Thus was sown the seed for the Dr. B. V. Rao Institute of Poultry Management and Technology.
Set up to impart practical training on scientific lines, this pioneering and one of-its-kind Institute has contributed largely in transforming the poultry sector in India from a backyard activity just a few years ago, into a commercial business, managed professionally.
Nestled next to the tiny town of Uruli Kanchan, near Pune, over an expanse of 46 acres, the Institute was inaugurated on 16th of May 1987. Since then and till date, it has trained over 5300 students from India and abroad. The emphasis in training is on hands-on exposure coupled with sound theoretical knowledge.
The Institute is supported by Pune-based Venkateshwara Hatcheries
Group, the most integrated Poultry Group in Asia and the leaders in Modern Poultry Farming in India. The students thus have access to additional specialized facilities like large Hatchery, large scale Feed Mill, Diagnostic laboratories, Vaccine and Animal Health Products Division, Egg and Poultry Processing Plant, Poultry Equipment manufacturing plant etc.