Venky’s Egg ‘n’ Whey
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Venky’s Egg ‘n’ Whey

Your fitness partner

Old school of bodybuilders grew up on milk protein and egg white protein. For them, we have Egg & Whey, an ideal multi-staged Protein release formula with an ideal combination of milk protein(whey concentrate) and egg protein (albumen).

Whey is absorbed quickly and shows anti-catabolic effect thus inhibit muscle loss where as Albumen is absorbed slowly and shows pro-anabolic effect thus stimulate Anabolic activity

Especially designed formula to protect & maintain muscle mass during physical fitness & weight reduction program.

L-Glutamine repairs muscle wear & tear as well as stimulate fat metabolism thus inhibit unwanted fat deposition

Antioxidants like Vitamin A, E & C protect body tissue from free radicals which cause undesirable effects like ageing, fatigue, dementia, weakening of eyesight etc

Electrolytes retain water thus hydrate muscle & relieves muscle cramps & dehydration

B-Complex vitamins act as a haemopoietic factor & help in Red Blood Cell (RBC) formation that enhances body Oxygen level & improve energy formation in the muscles.

Research has shown that this specific blend of proteins can help promote significant muscle growth when combined with anaerobic resistance training.

Rank of Importance Time of Intake
1 After Workout
2 Morning with Breakfast
3 After Dinner
4 Pre Workout

Procedure for consumption

1. Take 200 ml cold milk in a shaker

2. Add 1 scoopful (about 30g) of Venky’s Egg ‘n’ Whey to it.

3. Shake for 20-30 seconds until well mixed and drink immediately.

4. Consume 2-3 servings daily or as suggested by your Nutritionist.

5. May be taken with any high-carb meal in which first-class protein from food (chicken, fish, eggs, skimmed paneer) can’t be taken.


Delicious Mango.


500 g, 1 kg and 2 kg. (Free Shaker provided with 1 kg and 2 kg pack)

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