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Poultry Feeds

Uttara Foods and Feeds Private Limited has established with an objective of providing poultry with a hygienic, nutritionally balanced and easily digestible diet. It began operations in 1998. Today, Venky’s Feed, as it is widely known, is the forerunner among pellet feed brands in India. This is due to the company’s emphasis on uncompromising quality and free services. Right from inception, UFFL’s focus has been on using superior technology as the means to achieve quality. The obvious choice has been Buhler of Switzerland, world leaders in food processing plants and equipment.

Sophisticated systems from Buhler are the driving force of UFFL plants – two at Pune, and one each in Ajmer, Kurnool and Varanasi, Khanna, Siligudi, Namakkal. As we all know we are stepping with our feed plants out of the country at Vietnam,  Bangladesh and so on. The plants are strategically located, for easy supply to poultry pockets in these areas. Venky’s (India) Limited manufactures and sells poultry feed under the Venky’s brand name for captive consumption to the VH Group as well as to the major poultry markets of Western and Northern states of India. It has production plants located at Pune, Dehradun and Solapur with a total capacity of over 100,000 tones per annum.

Why Venky’s Feed

Highlights of Our Feed

  • Manufactured under stringent quality control procedures
    Quality Control is implemented at every stage of the manufacturing process. Raw material is tested for physical, chemical and nutrition characteristics.
  • Formulated by experienced nutritionists
    Feed formulations plays an important role in mainting correct balances between nutrients and raw material costs. Through the years we have gradually forged a team of eminent nutritionists dedicated to this aspect of production. This team is responsible for developing the several grades, that farmers can choose from to suit their respective economies.
  • Complete and nutritionally well balanced
  • Free from bacteria, pathogens and toxins
  • Easily digestible
  • Improves weight gain
  • Improves FCR
  • Provides uniform growth and excellent livability

Quality through Technology

The efficacy of our feed strongly depends on the manufacturing process. Each stage plays a vital role in developing it’s potential.

The Buhler Hammer Mill is designed to achieve a minimum coefficient of variation. This ensures a uniform mix of ingredients. The Buhler Pellet Mill conditions this mix with dry steam twice. Dual Conditioning is a unique feature of this mill, uncommon in most convention pellet mills. Equality in pellet sizes is strictly maintained by a state-of-the-art Buhler Crumbler. The process begins with the selection of raw materials that have a high nutritional value. All incoming consignments undergo nutritional analyses and physical examinations. The quality check is followed by the least cost formulation process. This includes grinding, mixing and pelleting.

Grinding is carried out to acquire uniform pellet size reduction. The Buhler Hammer Mill is designed for minimum heat generation. This saves the feed from nutrient losses.In the mixing stage, a minimum co-efficient of variation is maintained under strict supervision. Premixes, growth promoters and feed additives are added at this stage. Before pelleting the feed is exposed to dry steam. This process is called conditioning and in Buhler’s HotSil Heating Technology it is carried out twice so that the feed is available in the most digestible form. This process is also responsible for killing all bacterial and fungal spores. It also reduces anti-nutrients from the feed. The feed is finally formed into pellets, cooled and crumbled into the required sizes.